Vegetariana Sauce

A mixture of dehydrated vegetable ingredients, designed for fast homemade preparation of a sauce delicately flavored. Indicated for dishes based on pasta, especially fusilli.
This product is also used for the preparation of a sauce particularly suitable to accompany dishes of rice, but can also be used to give an original flavor and delicate sauces for meat or overcooked roast meat.
Even the vegetarian omelet is a good dish to prepare with this sauce.
Following the instructions on the pack, prepare a Via delle Indie “Vegetarian” sauce. Then beat two fresh eggs with a spoonful of grated cheese and add to the “Vegetarian” sauce. Heat a spoonful of oil or a knob of butter in a non-sticky frying pan and pour in the mixture, covering the pan with a lid and cooking thoroughly on both sides. Serve hot or cold.