The Story

The origin of Via delle Indie dates back to 1924, when the historical brand Bertolini was enlarged with a new range of mixtures of herbs and spices for slaughter.The Turin-based company was already famous and successful on the Italian market thanks to its high quality products, such as the popular brand of yeast.
The new range of mixtures, Pisto “C” Napoli, Droga Torino, spices Vallecamonica, recalled the diversity of Italian cuisine.
Back in those days Italy was mainly an agricultural country and families slaughtered meat at home. Thanks to this fact, the new “local” mixtures found a great response.
The founder of Via delle Indie had innovative ideas. He focused on the service offered by the company and invented the monodose sachet.
The concept of marketing and advertising was not missed. Even camels and elephants marched on the streets of Turin bearing spices to promote new products.
Among the new products stood out, “La Saporita” and “Suk”, spice mixtures (the secret of a good cooking) that soon became known throughout Italy.
In 1998, Raffaele Bellizia moved the company from Collegno (To) to Valle d’Aosta, where it continues its intense activity.


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