Spice Blends “le Saporite”

Spice blends which are a salt substitute, on the following versions:

1) Mediterranean blend for Fresh Cheese
2) Florence – Blend for beef
3) Rome – Blend for Spicky Chicken
4) Calabria – Blend for Lamb
5) Parma – Blend for Pork
6) Sicily – Blend for oven-baked Fish
7) Blend for Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables
8) Blend for Italian Bruschetta
9) Sardinia – Blend for Fish
10) Venice – Blend for Red Meat
11) Flavored potatoes
12) Tomato salad

”Le Saporite” are born from the experience of Via delle Indie, who has over 80 years expertise on mixing spices. Also due to growing consumer awareness of the need to prevent health problems caused by the use of salt.
”Le Saporite” entirely replace the salt on food, flavoring and enhancing its features.
They replace salt and become crucial in low-salt diets, not only as flavor enhancer, but as an instrument for health care.
Often enough, we add too much salt to flavor our dishes, or use too often sodium-rich food without thinking about the damage that these habits can cause to our health.
Get the original Italian taste in all your dishes, anywhere in the world, and using local materials