Napoletana Sauce


A mixture of high quality dehydrated ingredients, following one of the most famous Italian original recipes of the city of Naples.
This product is used for the preparation of a sauce, properly spicy, peculiarly suitable for pasta dishes of spaghetti, and not only.
Try to make tomato soup, also originally from Naples.
To make a tasty cream tomato soup, pour 80 g of cold water into a microwave dish and add the contents of a sachet of Via delle Indie “Napoletana” dehydrated sauce. Cover the container with a lid, leaving a gap for the water to evaporate. Cook for 3 minutes at 800 watts and then remove the container from the microwave. Add 50 g of double cream to the mixture,mixing thoroughly. Return the container to the microwave, cooking for 30 seconds at 800 watts. Serve the Creamy Napoletan Soup hot with crusty bread or croutons.

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