Dehydrated Sauces

Our dehydrated sauce is totally natural, without additives or hydrogenated fats.
Sugar is used as a corrector of PH, while potato flakes are used as a thickener. Some selected spices used and processed by us are used as antioxidants and preservatives in this product .
The Mediterranean sauces are dehydrated with a procedure that allows, adding water again, to obtain a product that does not lose its organoleptic properties, its scent or typical taste of these recipes.
The speed and ease of preparation allows everyone to obtain products of culinary excellence.
For added convenience to the consumer the sauces have been packaged in single dose portions in order to easily vary the seasoning each time, avoiding unnecessary left-overs.
We have also included alternative recipes on the packaging, since the Via delle Indie sauces are suitable to be used on any dish.